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We are a software development company based out of Chennai, India. Founded in 2015 by technology and subject matter experts, to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers. Our experience and expertise enable us to deliver customized and robust software solutions.

We are good at Application development, where we serve:

  • Web Development
  • E-Learning Products Development
  • E-Commerce Sites Development
  • Azure DevOps Consulting
  • Mobile APP Development
  • 2D/3D Animation Development
  • Re-designing of existing applications
  • Database Consulting
  • Hosting Consulting
  • Testing Service

We apply reliable methodologies and innovative technologies to develop our products.

We want to be known as the reliable, flexible and user friendly software developer to our clients.

We dare to dream big, we have the courage to keep raising the bar, and we’re committed to being a force for good in software development space – helping both small and mid-scale companies to meet their ever changing technology expectations of their customers. We are forward thinkers and by turning curiosity into knowledge and knowledge into improvement. We break new ground and shape the future of software development. We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone feels like they belong. We help each other, we win together, we celebrate the success together and we overcome challenges together.

How we work...

Our intention is to serve our clients with high-quality solutions and maximum possible care. We allocate professionally trained programmers for all our projects. We have defined clear responsibilities for each of the resources, who involved in any projects.

Our application development process incorporates the well-established approach and industry standard methodology and practices beginning with capturing of business requirements, requirement analysis, design and process views, iterative development life-cycle and testing.

All our programmers are well trained in Agile methodologies. Hence interacting with any of our programmers will give the same experience to our clients.

We follow consistency and quality during the life-cycle of our projects.

What we serve...


And our customer says...

It was a nice experience to work with the Pykara team for our presentation. Everyone appreciated the concept, animation and other special effects. Thanks a lot.

We wanted to really thank for developing our website. Appreciate the commitment, consistency and prompt response that we received from Pykara team. Keep up the good work.

After a thorough research, I chose Pykara to build the E-Commerce store for my business. They showed progress right from the beginning and followed their schedule effortlessly. They proved I was right by delivering the site on-time with exceptional quality.

We wanted to express our gratitude for the lovely work you have done on our blog. Deeply appreciate all the work you have done for us.

And the Trend is...