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Data Migration

Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of importing legacy data into a new system. The specific method used for any particular system depends entirely on the systems involved and the nature and state of the data being migrated.

Migration enhances and protects the long-term investment in an organization’s software infrastructure and effectively reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Performance benchmarking ensures that migrated applications perform better than the old applications, resulting in increased scalability, simplified maintenance, and reduced costs.

In addition to being a software development company, we take up the migration of your software systems and products to the latest GUI, databases, or data servers and then port it to meet the demand of newer platforms and technology. Our software developers adopt programming strategies that meet the challenges of rapidly evolving technologies.

In the area of database security, we have experience in On-the-fly database replication/mirroring between two DB servers running enterprise-class PostgreSQL, MySQL.

We have programmed web services on both ends to sync the data. Implemented multi-level optimization of databases and encryption (at column level) of DB tables/columns using standard algorithms (such as AES 128 algorithm).